Prices & Shipping Rates

Our prices are in US$

We do sell in EURO. Our prices are NOT including any vat.
If you are located in Germany or in a country from the european cummunity, ask if we need to add the vat on the price.
Some pens are bought from private sellers, so in any reason there is no vat included.

Payment Options

We accept Master, Diners and Visa card. (No additional charge). The charge will be done in US$.
We can accept AMEX, but please note: the charge of Amex will be convertered in euros. Your american bank will maybe charge you 1-3% as a convertion fee. Please try to pay with the cards which are listet above.
Paypal is welcome!
We are happy to take your international money order and personal check (from known customer) as well, but please note: the german bank charge us $15 fees, and we can only accept your personal check and mo if you add the fees.
We also take your cash as well, but if you send notes - do it in a registered airmail letter.
For asian and european customer, if you do not wish to pay with credit card, we recommend a POSTAL money order. (No fees from our site).

Shipping Options

Usally, all boxed and limited editions will be ship by UPS.
We charge €25 for UPS shipping to Europe, USA and Canada. The maximum weight is 1 kilo and the value of goods should not exceed €1000, otherwise we need to charge a couple of euros more. Shipments are not insured but trackable.
We can ship worldwide via UPS, but to Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, we need to charge €50 for a 2 kilo parcel with the options above.
We need to charge €75 for a UPS shipment to Australia, India and New Zealand.
Ask for rates if your country is not shown here.

Deutsche Post AG

We send small value pens as a registered airmail letter. We charge between $9-25 for that. (Worldwide charge).
We also use the Deutsche Post AG for shipments to asian countries, which would be very expensive if we do it with FEDEX.
For boxed imited editions we charge $25 for sending overseas.
German customers pays €7 for shipments to a german address.


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