1946 Gianni Versace was born in Reggio Calabria on December 2.
1972 At the age of 25 he decides to move to Milan and works as a fashion designer, drawing his first pret-a-porter collections for Genny, Complice and Callaghan.
1975 He presents his first leather collection, created for Complice.
1978 On March 28 he presensts his first collection for Women signed with his own name in a fashion show at the Palazzo della Permanente, in Milan.
1979 Versace, who has always paid great attention to his image, starts a fortunate collaboration with the American photographer Richard Avedon.
1982 Versace wins the first of a series of awards that will crown his career: "L'Occhio d'Oro" for the best fashion designer of the 1982/83 Fall/Winter collection for women; in this collection he displays the famous metal garments, now a classic feature of his fashion. The same year, he begins a collaboration with the Teatro alla Scala and designs costumes for the Richard Strauss' ballet "Josephlegende"; the stage design is by the painter Luigi Veronesi.
1983 He creates the costumes for Gustav Mahler's ballet "Lieb und Leid" and on October 21, with the Comune di Milano's patronage, the show. "E' Design" opens its doors at the Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea where Gianni Versace displays a synthesis of his technological research.
1984 Versace creates the costumes for Donizetti's "Don Pasquale" and for the ballet "Dyonisos" directed by Maurice Bejart, both held at the Teatro alla Scala. In October, at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, the Belgian choreographer creates a triptych danse in honour of the launch of the fragrance for men "Versace l'Homme".
1985 In Paris, on the occasion of the European presentation of the same fragrance, a contemporary art show is organized, bringing together the works of internationally renowned artists concerning Versace's fashion. Young people have always been a major source of inspiration for Versace and on October 2, the fashion designer is at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London to give a talk on his fashion for a large group of students, and to illustrate the show "Arte e moda".
1986 A year in which awards and shows intertwine. On January 24, the President of the Italian Republic Francesco Cossiga confers the decoration of "Commendatore della Repubblica Italiana" on him; the National Field Museum in Chicago presents a major retrospective show on the work of Versace in the last ten years. On October 22, in Paris, during the show "Gianni Versace: Obiettivo Moda", illustrating the professional collaboration between Versace and internationally renowned photographers (Avedon, Newton, Penn, Weber, Barbieri, Gastel, etc.), Jacques Chirac assigns the "Grande Medaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris" to Versace. On November 14, the premiere of the ballet "La metamorphose des dieux" by Malraux is presented in Brussels. The costumes are designed by Gianni Versace and the choreography is by Maurice Bejart.
1987 In January Bob Wilson stages Richard Strauss "Salome" for the Scala and asks Versace to design the costumes; on March 31, Bejart presents "Leda and the Swan" at the Scala, with costumes by Versace; on April 7, the book "Versace Teatro" published by Franco Maria presented. In June, Gianni Versace goes to Russia in the retinue of Bejart, for whom he designs the costumes of the "Ballet du XX Siecle" broadcasted throughout the world from Leningrad within the programm "The white nights of dance". In September Versace's huge professional contribution to the theatre is rewarded with the "Maschera D'Argento" prize. On September 21, "Souvenir de Leningrad", a ballet by Bejart's new dance company, makes its debut in Lausanne, and even on this occasion Versace's contribution is crucial.
1988 Versace goes to Paris to design the stage costumes for Zizi Jeanmaire's last recital at the Bouffes du Nord; on March 30, in Brussels, alongside Maurice Bejart, he presents the costumes for the ballet inspired by Evita Peron in an absolute premiere at the Theatre Royal de la Monnaie. On June 8, the jury of the "Cutty Sark" nominates him the most creative and innovative fashion designer for men; in September Versace opens a 600 sqm. showroom in Madrid, his first boutique in Spain. On December 20 he is once again in Paris to design the costumes for the ballet "Java Forever", with Zizi Jenamaire, presented at the Opera Comique to celebrate the Bicentenary of the French Revolution.
1989 On January 25, the opening of the "Atelier Versace" - a workshop where high fashion models are created - is announced at a soiree held at the Gare d'Orsay, attended by Madame Mitterand, where also the film "The fortune of friendship" recounting the relationship between Versace and Maurice Bejart, is presented. On April 13, the exhibition "L'abito per pensare", is inaugurated at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, through historical and social interpretations, it displays 25 years of activity in fashion and in the theatre, a crucial stage in the evolution of the history of costume. On May 16, on the occasion of the celebration for the Bicentenary of the French Revolution, Bejart invites him to Paris to design the costumes of the ballet "Chaka Zulu", inspired by L. Senghor's poem. On July 6, in Milan, Versace presents "Versus", a new line for young people - manufactured by the Manifatture Itierre of the Gruppo Pantrem, - which explores informal themes and puts itself forward as an alternative to so-called conventional ways of dressing. On November 14 there is yet another ballet: Bejart stages:"Elegie pour Elle" at the Cirque Royal in Brussels, and the Costumes are designed by Versace once again.
1990 The "Atelier" collection is presented in a fashion show at the Hotel Ritz, Paris, in the early part of the year; in April Versace opens his second boutique in New York, and the eleventh in the United States, in the prestigious Madison Avenue. On October 21 John Cox i naugurates the theatri ca. l s eas on of the Opera, San Francisco, with Richard Strauss "Capriccio" and the costumes are designed By Versace.
1991 On January 7, the show "Versace Teatro" is inaugurated at the Royal Royal College of Art in London; in March the fragrance "Versus" is launched and on May 14, in collaboration with Omar Calabrese, Versace attends the presentation of the book "Vanitas, lo stile dei sensi" in Milan. In June, a new Versace boutique is opened in Paris, in the famous Fbg. St. Honore. In June, Istante and Versus open their first two Italian stores in via San Pietro all 'Orto, in Milan; "Signature" , Versace's classic line, is launched. In October, the up-dated version of the show "L'abito per pensare" arrives in Japan, at the Kobe City Museum; on October 26, William Forsythe stages his ballets at the Statische Buhnen, Frankfurt, and Versace designs the costumes. In December, Versace is awarded the "L'Occhio d'Oro" prize for the fourth time, proclaiming him the most inventive creator of the year.
1992 January, Paris: the second volume of "Versace Teatro" comes out, published by Franco Maria Ricci: on February 27, the fragrance "Versus Donna" is presented at the Versus boutique in Milan; in Munich, the itinerant show "Theater der Mode" celebrates Versace's latest stylistic and theatrical creations. On May 28 a new Versace showroom opens its doors: here, in a five-storey bulding situated in the prestigious Old Bond Street, the creative universe of the fashion designer is displayed in all its modernity. At the end of May, Elton John's world tour make its debut; the singer is an ardent admirer of Versace, whom he asks to design his stage costumes. New York, 14 September: as testimonial for the Italian Trade Commission, Gianni Versace inaugurates the charity Gala "Rock'N Rule", the profits of which are given to the Amfar anti-AIDS Association; Versace opens a new boutique at Bergdorf Goodman. In October, a new watch was born: "La Meduse" from the Signature line, added to the Premiere watch collection. New York decides to organise an important retrospective show at the Fashion Institute of Technology on the Italian designer's work: "Versace: Signatures". (6 Nov - 9 Jan)
1993 On 1 February the "Council of Fashion Designers of America" assigns the much coveted American Fashion Oscar award to Versace. The book "South Beach Stories" comes out in New York, published by Leonardo Arte. On March 25, Maurice Bejart stages the ballet "Sissi, the Anarchic Empress" at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London, with Gianni Versace's irreplaceable costumes. In May "Home Signature" is launched, a line of products for the home: table porcelain manufactured by Rosenthal, carpets, quilts and cushions. Milan, 10 November; the book "Vanitas, Ricami e Decori - Decori e Ricami" - published by Leonardo Arte- is officially presented at the Versus boutique.
1994 Versace is in Berlin where he opens a 600 sqm. showroom on the famous Kurfurstendamm. New York, 30 March: Gianni Versace presents the book "Designs", an abridged English edition of " Vanitas, Ricami e Decori Decori e Ricami", at Bergdorf Goodman's. Worldwide launch of the 2 new Versace fragrances: RED & JEANS. Berlin, 15 September: Opening of the of travelling exhibition "VERSACE SIGNATURES" at the Kunstgewerbemuseum that will be held till November 25, 1994. This year the exhibition includes a new section dedicated to the "Home" line, in addition to those regarding embroideries, timeless fashion, prints, leather, and the theater costumes. October 1994 - the book "L'UOMO SENZA CRAVATTA"(the man without tie) by Gianni Versace comes out. It's the fourth volume of the Vanitas series , published by Leonardo Arte.
1995 January 17 - Inauguration of the Richard Avedon's exhibition: "Richard Avedon 1944-1994" sponsorised by Versace and officially hosted by the Milan City Council in the Palazzo reale - Sala delle Cariatidi ( from January 18 to March 5). March 3 - "How Near Heaven", new performance of the American Ballet Theatre receives its World Premiere at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. Coreography by Twyla Tharp, for whom Gianni Versace designes the marvellous costumes. May 1st, premiere at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York June 14. London: Gianni Versace boutique in Old Bond Street. Gianni Versace and Elton John party for the Elton John Aids Foundation. Unique and signed copies of Gianni Versace's new book "Men without ties" will be on sale during the party. The book doesn't go on national release until the following morning. June 15. Booksigning of "Men without ties" at Harrod's. End of October - the book "DO NOT DISTURB) by Gianni Versace comes out. It's the fifth volume of the Vanitas series, published by Leonardo Arte.
1997 on July 15 , Gianni Versace was shot down in his South Beach home in Miami, Florida. On July 23, 1997, the prime suspect for Gianni Versace's killing was found dead in a Miami Beach boathouse. After finding Gianni was found dead, the manhunt was the largest search in America (apart from Osama bin Laden). The murder was Andrew Cunanan. He was found after 8 days –dead-having killed himself.

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