620 series

Sahara (2007)

640 series 

Niagara Falls (2007) *first 640 pen*

640 series 

Grand Place (2006)


Piccadilly Circus (2006)


Place de la Concorde (2005)


Piazza Navona (2005)


Shanghai (2004)


Athens (2004)


New York (2003)


Chicago (2003)


San Francisco (2002)


Stockholm (2002)


Berlin (2002)


Madrid (2002)


Pelikan 620 fountain pen, US retail: $365.
Pelikan 620 rollerball, US retail: $255.
Pelikan 620 ballpoint, $US retail: $255.
Pelikan 640 fountain pen, US retail: $415.
Pelikan 640 rollerball, US retail: $285.
Pelikan 640 ballpoint, US retail: $285.

Nib sizes

Pelikan now offers City Series fountain pens with a choice of F, M, and B nibs only. For a while, we were able to switch the standard nibs to EF, OM, OB or OBB on request because Pelikan sold those nibs for the M650`s. Unfortunately, Pelikan has no more of those nibs, so we can no longer offer a free switch to one of those nibs.

Though Pelikan has no more, we still have a handful of the M650 EF, –OB, -BB, and OBB nibs in our stock.



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