Pelikan for Nord LB (1995)


1995 Pelikan made this pen for a German bank, Nord LB and its affiliated company, Nord LB/LBS. It is a darkblue pen that the Bank gave to its employees.
Total number of pens which were made: 6920 pieces (which was the exact amount of employees of this bank in 1995).
5920 pieces were made with the capband inprint marked: "25 Jahre Nord/LB" and "Germany".
Another 1000 pieces were made with the inprint: "25 Jahre Nord/LB - LBS.
Originally these pens came with 14 carat M gold nibs!
These pens came in a white/blue box,that includes an inkwell with bank inprint.
Most of the boxes were destroyed, so today it`s hard to find a boxed pen.

Pelikan for Tiffany (1990`s)


In the early 1990`s, Pelikan made pens for the jeweller Tiffany. Nice pen, based on a 800 size, but with an own personality. Today they are really hard to find. Pelikan made the pens in royal blue and in black. All pens are slightly used.

Pelikan for Sony (~2001)


Box for the 600 Sony Set


Here comes a "Blue Ocean Set" in a 600 size. The pens are made for Sony Malaysia. They made 3500 fountain pens and 2000 ballpoints. In other words: 2000 sets and 1500 single pens. I call it Blue Ocean, because the color is very similar (not exactly the same) as the Blue Ocean. It comes in a nice presentation box,and includes an inkwell. The pen has a 14 carat gold nib, and you can choose your favorite nib size from EF to OBB.

Pelikan for Citroenpers (2002)


Citroenpers book


Inside illustration


Limited to 1200 pieces. Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of A. Walrecht publishers "Citroenpers" The book includes a lemon yellow Pelikan 200 fountain pen with goldplated steel nib. F, M or B size.

Pelikan for Lambrou "Charlotte" (2002)


Beautiful sterling silver pen, based on a 800 size. Only 500 pieces worldwide. US retail: $1000.

Pelikan for Lambrou "Marguertie" (2002)


Matching pen in a 1000 size. Sterling silver. US retail: $1495.

Pelikan for Chronoswiss (2003)


Pelikan produced this pen for the famous watch company "Chronoswiss". Rare. Not sold by Pelikan. Limited edition of 999 pieces worldwide.
Story behind that pen: Mr. Lang, owner of Chronoswiss, loved Pelikan pens. He had used Pelikan pens since he was a schoolboy. He signes the certificates of all Chronoswiss watches with a Pelikan 800 green demonstrator, which was produced for the American market in 1994 only. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chronoswiss, he decided to introduce a pen, the "Styloscope." Naturally, he choose Pelikan for a partnership.
This pen is based on a 800 size pen. The quality is superb, even for Pelikan. This pen comes with a 18 carat 2-color Chronoswiss M nib. You get a nice zipper leather case with the pen...and now the best: you will get an additional nib in OB!! Switching the nibs is easy: you can screw out the complete nib section. If you like other nib sizes, you can use any standard 800 nib as well.
Altogether a great writing instrument, which is unique! The trim is sterling silver. The design is typical Chronoswiss - the quality is Pelikan!

Toledo 910 Roller (1990`s)


The Toledo Roller were made in 1990`s for the american market. Only 1000 pieces. Today they are very hard to find.

Toledo Roller 700 (1990`s)


Small goldplated Toledo #700, only 1000 pieces were made for the USA market. $750.

Toledo Roller 710


Small Toledo 710, only 1000 pieces are made for the USA market.

Occasionally, a listed pen is sold out. We wanted to present complete information and pictures of all collectible Pelikan limited editions. Please ask if we have the pen in stock. If it has been sold, we will be happy to try to locate the pen for you. We have worldwide connections that allow us to find 90% of all Pelikan pens.



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