Munich 2004

The 1st "new" Munich pen show was organised on 10th june 2004 by Gerhard Baur, well known as a collector for Pelikan and Montblanc pens. There were several attempts in the past to do a pen show in Munich, but these were very small. Gerhard sold over 20 tables and had dealers from overseas (USA), several from europe (Netherlands, Swiss) and of corse the main german dealers were attending the show as well.

The location was in the heart of Munich. Nice area with a lot of interesting shops.

For forthcoming shows in Munich please contact Gerhard:

Tom Westerich, Myrna and Jürgen , 2004


Rick Propas, 2005



Munich 2006 (more pics)


Munich 2005 (more pics)


Munich 2004 (more pics)


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