London 2004

The 10th London pen show was held on 3rd october. Unfortenally this date (like already some years before) met the date of the Hamburg pen show. But London is too important to pass.

The show was held in the Kensington Town Hall. It opend at 10 am to the public. During the day, the room was full with of people.

It´s not only the sunday show that it´s worth a trip to London. The pen weekend started already on friday with an big auction (over 1000 lots!!). Usally peope visits on satturday some flea markets like one of the biggest one in the world: Portobello Road Market. On satturday, too - the WES (Writing Equipment Society) had a meeting at 2pm. This time the theme was the legendary Parker 51. David Shepherd, the author of the new Parker 51 book, made a two-hour presentation about the Parker 51.

Future London shows are firmly booked for the following years:

6-8th October 2006 (CANCELLED)
5-7th October 2007
3- 5th October 2008
2-4th October 2009
1-3rd October 2010
2nd October 2011
7th October 2012
6th October 2013
5th October 2014
4th October 2015

For more information and table booking go to:

Simon Gray will be happy to assist you with all questions.

Alex. C. Ewing (auctioneer of Bloomsbury), 2004

 with his helper Mark (left)

Peter Woolf with his wife, 2005



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